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  Award winning, critically acclaimed performer and published author. 


  Humphrey Burton, CBE, former Head of Music and Arts, BBC TV, writes:

 'Nobody gives me greater pleasure than Iestyn Edwards when it comes to putting together a popular song recital. He is a born entertainer with the soul of an artist. His firm lyrical  baritone voice is a deeply expressive instrument and he has a fine way with words: he knows how to  touch the heart. 

  What fun it is  that inside this serious musician there beats the heart of  Russian ballerina,   Madame Galina. Iestyn's outrageously camp dancer (still no slouch with the  fouettés)  is one of  the funniest  stage impersonations  since Barrie Humphries invented Dame Edna Everage. In short, Iestyn Edwards is a phenomenon,  he is  Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde rolled into one.'


'An irrepressible, tour de force variety turn.'  The Sun

You were fantastic on Saturday night, truly. A god-send the way you can adapt the act to a domestic setting.  You read the audience perfectly to get belly laughs out of everyone!’

         Emma Kettle, Team Origin


‘Loved it!  Must see more.  Send me links to future shows.  Clever you!!! Annie x’

                      Anne Robinson, email


‘You were the highlight of our wedding evening.  If you don't mind my saying so, I was surprised at how beautiful you looked -  and danced. Those pirouettes!!!  And you were utterly hysterical – especially with your “victims”.  Thank you again so very much.’

        Lady Antonella von Brasz.  Wedding for Henry Bonas Events



‘Your singing on Trafalgar Night added something special to an already auspicious naval event, and was hugely enjoyed by everyone in the Great Cabin – not least by Her Majesty.’

                            Lord West of Spithead


‘You are the funniest thing I've ever seen! Literally.  The Manchester United trainers were in bits and are determined to throw Rooney himself to you next time.  And how sweet were you about chatting to people afterward?  Thank you hugely.’

                              Lady Georgina Black


‘Just stonking, that nutcase ballerina. To get both Marines and 3Para onstage was a sign of either exceptional control or total lunacy.  Definitely booking you for my dad’s seventieth.’

      Charles Durrant,


It doesn't come any better than this!’

                                Ruby Wax


‘Fantastic! Stickiest crowd and you reeled them in like a total pro.’ 

                               David Corsellis


‘The pinnacle of the whole event. So, so hilarious!’ 

    Max Humby, Tesco Clubcard heir


‘Can I just reiterate how brilliant you were at Wilderness and Sunday Papers Live?  Again – bloody excellent!’ 

      Ben de Vere, MAMA & Company,  OND, Secret Productions Ltd

  'Only someone as divinely unique as Iestyn Edwards could be in a tutu in a war zone and write about it so perfectly!  Moving, fascinating and completely hilarious - it has it all, as has the man himself.' Miranda Hart


  I've entertained troops in Iraq and Afghanistan,  headlined at the Café de Paris, Rah Rah Rooms and the London Hippodrome, and given recitals for all the senior members of the royal family.

  I've guested in the Olivier Award winning show C’est Barbican , sung principal roles with British Youth Opera  and fronted two series on ballet for Channel 4.

  Woman’s Hour made me Forces’ Sweetheart and Joanna Lumley played my recording of “Tom Bowling” for her appearance on Desert Island Discs. 

  The book about my war-zone experiences: My Tutu Went AWOL!  is published by Unbound Books.  The self-narrated audiobook is available from Audible. 

Henry Bonas Events, Team Origin, Tesco Clubcard, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Spun Gold, Bullens of Avington, Hippodrome Casino London, Aspreys of Bond Street, Jaeger Menswear, Claridge’s. Ferrari Owners of Great Britain, Samsung, Warner Bros, et al


  Venues include:  National Theatre WTS, Aldeburgh Festival, Barbican Main Stage/Pit, Purcell Room, Royal Opera House Clore Studio, Grand Theatre/Tower Ballroom/ Merrie England North Pier Blackpool; Café de Paris, Rah Rah Rooms, Zedel, L’Escargot, Manchester Opera House; Royal International Pavilion Llangollen; Royal Court, Liverpool; Bristol Hippodrome; New Theatre Oxford; The Baxter Theatre Cape Town.

As a unique take on the after-dinner speaker

I offer a mix and match of:


  The Madame Galina shtik - still my best-seller. A fifteen minute spot, high energy, interactive crowd-pleaser. 

'Bonkers, diva brilliance...essential viewing!'  Evening Standard. 


  Classical and Opera pieces, as heard when a Royal Marines Commando dumped me on a tank turret in the wilds of Iraq and made me sing to be lifted down again...  

'The voice of an angel.' 

        Joanna Lumley

My Tutu Went AWOL 

Based around my tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, as told in the best-selling book of the same name, I hope you'll enjoy both Madame Galina and my tank-turret recital. 


  'Iestyn was absolutely superb. He performed a blend of singing, ballet dancing and comedy at an army function and totally stole the night.'

  2nd LT Haydon,  Intelligence Corps

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